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Stuart Dalrymple

Business Development Manager
A strong proponent of Agile & Lean mindsets, I focus on one thing; delivering business value. My passions for technology and learning mean I love what I do. It's not my place to convince someone to buy; I simply help people explore whether a solution is a fit for them. When I'm not at work, I have a number of startups I like to work on. It's the best way of putting new learning into practice. This site is a place to share my thoughts and opinions around Leadership, Business Development and E-Learning.


My thoughts on E-Learning, Business Development and Leadership.


Why Collaborative Assessment will be King

School curricula of the past have focused on classic disciplines; algebra, history, chemistry, geography. While these have merit, there is a change in the education zeitgeist; a focus on 21st century skills. In 2012, a study called ATC21S identified 10 skills that people will need to master to be successful in today’s world. The global […]


The Dark Side of KPI’s (and how to be a Jedi)

The Dark Side of KPI’s (and how to be a Jedi) A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away… some manager types decided everything needed to be measured. There was a disturbance in the Force, and the Key Performance Indicator was born. Having KPI’s for each department/role across the business sounds like a […]


How to work smarter by never using email

When it comes to communication tools, email is the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. In today’s world of specialist apps, you can get your message across more efficiently. Back up a minute… what is wrong with email exactly? Email is a time-burglar How many times have you heard a co-worker bemoan their first few days after vacation “I’m still getting […]


5 tactics for your Scrum Playbook

Scrum outlines the rules of a game; the objective of which is to get things done. It does this by outlining rules and artifacts that should set teams up for success. Like any good game, the concepts are simple to grasp, but difficult to master.  Different teams use different strategies. Add these 5 tactics to your Scrum Playbook […]


What to do when your Product Owner is an impediment

In the Scrum framework, the Scrum Master has a number of responsibilities. One of which is to remove impediments to the Development Team’s progress. So what do you do when your Product Owner is the impediment? A real-life scenario describing this situation was posted in the Scrum Practitioners LinkedIn group. I’ve summarized what I think are problems to […]


Startups on a budget: how we used 11 free tools to go from zero to launch

How do you turn an idea into a great product, with no budget? If you’re strapped for cash, there are many great tools out there you can use for free. Here’s what we used, in the order we used them, on our journey to launch Swimlanes: Mockup with Google Draw (Free) We mocked up our early prototypes in […]