What is this blog all about?

Product Management calls for such a broad understanding of many topics. As I undertook my MBA at Melbourne Business School, I could see clear use cases for this knowledge for anyone either in or looking to step into a Product Manager role.

My vision is to condense 4 years and an $80,000 investment into a quick reference playbook for Product Managers of all stripes.

Everything from strategy, culture, marketing, leadership, negotiations, game theory to finance and more will be covered, viewed through a Product lens.

I love reading content from other Product Managers and this was my way of giving back.

Who is the author?

Hey, I’m Stuart – I’m interested in making a difference in the world through technology while working with great people. As a Head of Product, I leverage my diverse background where I held a variety of roles including strategy, business development and operations. I’m just as comfortable in the morning standup with Developers as I am presenting to C-level stakeholders.

Things I’d love to spend time doing include spitballing business ideas, juggling, and trying to shoot a golf round under 3 figures (not there yet!).

Want to know more?

If you’re looking to build amazing things, drop me a note (via live chat in the bottom right-hand corner).

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn – I’m always keen to help out my network.